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1. How does US to Oz work?

Please refer to our services page.

2. What are your fees?

Please refer to our services page.

3. Can I track my order?

Our online tracking system is now live. Sign up for a free account here and this will enable you to track your order up until the point where it ships to you. Once it leaves the US you can almost always track your order online via the carrier’s website. (Not available for USPS First Class Mail)

4. How long until my goods arrive?

This depends entirely upon the method of shipping that you choose. Most of our customers use USPS’s Priority Mail and this method normally takes on average 10 business days. Faster shipping methods are available

5. What are the agreed time frames?

US to Oz will order your goods within 1 business day of the funds being received in our account. Your goods will be shipped within 2 business days of being received

6. What carrier do you use?

We use USPS for most items. For items that exceed USPS’s size and or weight limit we will either use Fed Ex, DHL or UPS depending on whoever is cheaper.

7. Do you accept returned items?

We are happy to assist you with returns. Please contact us before returning an item to us. A new service fee is applicable if you require a replacement item to be sent to you. We do however, encourage you to choose your items very wisely. The item will be returned to the supplier/manufacturer upon receipt of the cost of postage

8. Do you consolidate shipping?

Yes absolutely. In fact, consolidating your items results in more economical shipping costs per item. Just let us know in the comments box when you place your order. Please note we will only hold items for a reasonable length of time

9. Do you ship to other countries?

Of course. Our fee is 4.5% with a minimum of $15 AUD

10. If I make multiple orders but require packages to be sent separately or to different addresses do I pay one fee or one fee per package?

We charge one fee per shipping label/one fee per package

11. Why do you apply a 2.5 cent reduction on the current exchange rate?

This is to protect us against volatility in the Australian Dollar

12. Do you place bids on US Ebay?

Absolutely, please refer to our services page for details

13. Can I purchase US iTunes through US to OZ?

Of course – please refer to our iTunes information page

14. What happens if I pay you for my order and when you go to place the order the product is no longer available?

An email will be sent to you immediately, you can decide if you would like to find a similar product or if you would like a refund. Refunds will be made within 1 business day

15. What happens if I pay you for my order and when you go to place the order the product price has changed?

If the price of the item has reduced we will proceed with the purchase and deduct the difference from the shipping cost/service fee payment. If the price of the item has increased we will send you an email and you can decide if you wish to proceed. If the price difference is <$5 we will proceed with the purchase and add the difference to your shipping cost/service fee payment. If the difference exceeds $5 we will require upfront payment to proceed.

16. Can I get a shipping cost estimate before ordering?

Absolutely, you can send us the details of your order via our Contact Us page. A good website for weight estimates is Amazon. Just remember, this is an estimate and we recommend that you look at 3 or so items to get the best average

17. Why should I like you on Facebook and Twitter?

If we see a great deal we will let you know about it, we will also release special discounts and offers from time to time

18. Are there any restrictions on what I can ship to Australia?

Yes. Aerosols, Air Bags, Alcohol, Ammunition, Cigarettes, Dry Ice, Explosives, Fresh fruits and Vegetables, Gasoline, Nail Polish, Perfumes, any gun parts and accessories, loose batteries (batteries in general are restricted please email us for more information). We also can not ship any personal effects.

19. Does USPS have any size restrictions?

Postage TypeMax LengthMax Length, height and depth combined
First Class Mail (Rolls)24 inches36 inches
First Class Mail (Other than rolls)36 inches42 inches
Postage TypeMax LengthMax Length plus girth combined
Priority Mail42 inches97 inches
Priority Express36 inches97 inches

20. Can you ship goods via surface mail (sea)?

Yes we now offer Sea Freight. The maximum size is 2.1m x 2.1m x 4m and it is a door to door service. Please contact us for a cost estimate.
Sea Freight Insurance

Automatic coverage is included up to $200.00 USD.

21. What happens if I place my order and once I receive the final costs prior to shipping to Australia I decide that I don’t wish to proceed and want the order returned to the store?

We are happy to assist you with returning the item, if you place an immediate replacement order we will refund you the original transaction in full. If you do not place a new order we will refund you in full minus a $10 AUD administration fee. This fee will be deducted from your next service fee if you place a new order within 2 weeks of the refund.

22. I am trying to work out the US Ground shipping charges, what is your zip code?

Our zip code is 80020, state Colorado (CO) and city Broomfield. For sea freight orders we have two locations you can choose from, Englishtown (zip code 07726, state New Jersey) and Inglewood (zip code 90303, state California).

23. Can you remove excess packaging eg shoe boxes, coathangers?

Absolutely and this is a free service we offer but be sure to nominate this on your order form otherwise we won’t do it.

24. What is the fee to return a package?

If we physically have to return the package the fee will be determined at that stage.

25. Insurance Claims

Whilst it is the responsibility of US to OZ to safely hand over your package to our carrier, it isn't the responsibility of US to OZ to ensure delivery occurs. Whilst loss or damage is very uncommon we encourage you to select an insured postage option. We offer insurance (covering the cost of goods) on every single package.

26. Will GST be applied to my order?

Effective July 1st, 2018 US to OZ is required to collect 10% GST on all "low value imports" <$1000.00AUD. GST will be payable on the total cost of goods and any amounts that you pay US to OZ for shipping. If the items in your shipment are for business use and you have an ABN and are registered for GST, US to OZ will not collect any GST.
All shipping estimates provided by US to OZ exclude GST.

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